Buying LEGOs (I)

Ok, I’ve decided to start collecting LEGO. How I start? Where can i buy them?

Any toy shop is going to have those sets, at least the main themes or the most tipical ones. If you are lucky and in your country there are official LEGO shops (you can find the list in this page) there is the shop in where you are going to find almost all the sets they have.


But, if you live in a country in where there aren’t LEGO shops, Internet is your friend. LEGO has also an online shop in which you can buy their sets, in a few clicks. In a few days they will also deliver your shipment in your home! Ok, there is a minimum spend at the shop for having free shipping (55€ or the equivalence in your currency aprox.), otherwise you have to add around 6€ for standard delivery or 29€ for express delivery.

All the times I’ve bought there, the shipment has been made via DHL from Germany with a tracking code that you can follow via LEGO page, DHL or the local post company (in my case once the packet has entered my country).

Also, buying directly to LEGO gives you the opportunity to earn points in their VIP program, that will allow you to get a discount in future shoppings. Also it gives you access to other promotions, like contest, free gifts or early access to new products.

Hi all!

First post of this new blog.

The term AFOL means Adult Fan Of LEGO and refers to “those adults hobbyists who build with or collect LEGO“. When I was a child I used to play with those toys in many of their themes (I started with Duplo and then I continued with other based themes).

In my last year of University I regained contact with LEGO thanks to the Mindstorms sets and it was during one trip when I started to collect again this sets after buying the Sydney Opera House Architecture theme set.

Here i will try to post some reviews of the sets I buy and build, new products, or any other LEGO related news I can find.

Hope you enjoy it!


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